Busseys Auto Service Department repairs older vehicles, as well as the latest models.

We handle most everything, from simple oil changes and tuneups to brakes, clutches and engine work.

We also provide in-depth auto electrical diagnostics and repairs.

Is that Check Engine light on? Bring your car in for a free computer scan to see what the problem is.

  • I thought I needed new brakes.

    I took my ancient vehicle in for new brakes. After they checked out my vehicle I was told that it had a major engine problem. I expected to be told that the work needed to be done and given a huge estimate.

    Instead, Bussey's told me the repairs would be more than the value of the vehicle and I was given the option of a "temporary fix" so I could get the vehicle to a salvage yard or whatever.

    They could have done the brake job, then told me about the engine problem but Bussey's was honest enough to give me the bad news without ripping me off.

    Beth S. | Carlsbad, CA
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